Daisy Academy Montessori Preschool


 We are currently accepting registrations for September 2021.

Daisy Academy Montessori Preschool

8886 Hudson Street (located in the Scottish Cultural Center-2nd Floor)

We are inviting all the parents who are interested in a quality educational preschool program for their children. In our school children develop their senses, independence and confidence, concentration, fine motor skills, social awareness, reading, writing and counting skills, learn about the world around them and much more.

The children not only receive the finest preschool education, but we also enable the children to glide into the school system with confidence, excellent social and learning skills, and respect for the environment.

OUR PRESCHOOL OFFERS: - Quality Montessori Curriculum - French classes - Music Classes - Child Art Classes - Physical Education/Fitness Classes - Nature/Environmental Education.

Daisy Academy is a Montessori Preschool located in a quiet residential Marpole neighborhood in the southern part of Vancouver - just a few minute drive from Richmond.